From January 22 to December 30, 2022 en Eventos Tahiti

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In 2022, Papeete Market street is setting up shop on the city’s waterfront the last Saturday of every month. In order to revitalize the city center, we want to generate traffic allowing shopkeepers to stay open on Saturday afternoons and give a positive image of the city center as Saturdays in Papeete are often quiet. The idea is to be able to set up a monthly theme with sales exhibitions and activities. According to an international marketing calendar, we have already decided on several themes: environment, family, Tahitian culture, art, sports, back to school…

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Organizer : 
Papeete Centre Ville

Place : Tahiti – Pape’ete
Phone number : 40 47 27 38
Email address : [email protected]
Facebook : PCV Papeete Centre Ville